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Corporate Image/Capabilities

Case Study Media:


Because existing Power Point sales presentations did not establish the First Class Image desired and looked like competitors, this large Logistics Corporation decided to employ Multimedia technology to create a more powerful corporate Image and establish unique capabilities.

Having successfully produced image/sales videos with several TLC corporate officers at a previous company, SAK was called to create a professional capabilities video. After seeing SAK's leading multimedia technology on CD with full motion video audio flash files and animation, management decided to utilize the CD medium as the primary sales tool to achieve their goals. It presents TLC's unique capabilities accurately in a First Class Presentation every time it is seen. The Corp. Image video is currently available on their website.



Paul Lomas, VP Sales & Marketing

"... overall excellent, very professionally done. It has proven to be a very effective tool in introducing TLC to prospective customers. It carries the TLC message professionally and consistently and is valued by our sales team."

Bob Koerner, TLC Former President

"I just showed the video to the board, and got rave reviews from the group..."


"Quality is beyond excellent. Its professional and work to be proud of in every way. The graphics are impressive without being intrusive to the message... it's great."

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