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Phoenix Commercial 1


20+ Years Experience creating and producing video presentations
...Creates the Advantage

The Advantage
Integrate on Web, CDs/DVDs for 24/7 exposure
Time/cost effective production know-how
Fast-paced, hi-impact editing Creates excitement, Makes positive impression.
Complete Capabilities
Graphic design
Script Writing/Storyboard
Flash animation -- moving graphics/titles
SD or HD Videography [in 22 states]
In House Narration/Voice Talent -- cuts costs/responds instantly to copy changes
High-end SD or HD Editing Software -- integrates production elements
'Hollywood' style post-production effects -- produces non-stop action
Music bed & SFX -- creates excitement


High Impact TV-Cable Commercials

Take Advantage of 20+ Years Video Production Experience

Featuring Animated logo and title graphics.

Producing Commercials that Create High Impact Excitement!

Special: 2 Spots for the price of 1 > 1 spot gets old fast -- mix it up with a 2nd free spot.

Email Pricing⁄Details

Create an Ad Campaign
with graphic design elements used in commercials and print media.

Total Production Capabilities
Script Writing⁄Storyboard
Animation Graphics⁄Titles
On-Location Videography [Experience in 22 states]
In House Narration/Male Voice Talent - Characterizations
Female Voice Talent Available
High-end HD Editing
Music Bed & Sound Effects
Talent search & staging, Director⁄Producer
Green Screen capability

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